BG Injury Treatment Unit Bremen

BG Injury Treatment Unit Bremen

Expertise in occupational, commuting and school accidents: the medical and rehabilitation experts in Bremen have been caring for their patients since 1926. Their scope ranges from the acute care of injury to rehabilitation, and medical care covers their return to work and everyday life,. Six physicians specializing in surgery, accident surgery and hand surgery conduct necessary interventions and wound management after occupational accidents (in the injury department for trauma surgery). In addition, the “D-Arzt Sprechstunde” provides subsequent outpatient treatment after the hospital stay.

After an occupational accident, the rehabilitation centre provides a quick return to everyday and professional life. The various therapeutic fields work together closely, ensuring the important interconnection of individual therapy treatments. Moreover, the team implements the rehabilitation management for the institutes of the statutory accident insurance, manages the BG-care process and prepares reports.

Specific Performance Characteristics

  • Injury Department for Trauma Surgery in line with the “D-Arzt-Procedure”
  • Extended Outpatient Physiotherapy
  • Workplace-related Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
  • Work-specific Medical Training Therapy
  • Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy, Occupational Therapy
  • Prevention and Occupational Health Promotion
  • Report Preparation
  • Psychotraumatological Consultation Hour
  • Prosthetic Technology and Podiatric Consultation Hours




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