BG Injury Treatment Unit Berlin

BG Injury Treatment Unit Berlin

The BG Injury Treatment Unit Berlin is an outpatient medical unit of excellence for Berlin and its surrounding region. Its core qualifications include outpatient accident treatment and rehabilitation. Apart from classic treatments like physiotherapy and physical therapy, it also offers extended outpatient physiotherapy – a form of therapy especially developed for the rehabilitation of professional athletes, which includes systematic muscle-building training. In addition, the performance spectrum of the outpatient facility also includes ergotherapy, occupational therapy and neuropsychological therapy.

In close cooperation with the BG Hospital Berlin, the injury treatment unit offers special consultation hours for hand and foot surgery, psychotraumatology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, as well as pain, shoe and prosthesis consultation. Furthermore, the institution is responsible for the management and supervision of BG-care processes and the preparation of reports. Annually, approximately 6 000 patients receive treatment.

Specific Performance Characteristics

  • Outpatient Acute Care
  • Management and Supervision of Care Processes
  • Report Preparation
  • Extended Outpatient Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy, Occupational Therap
  • Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation and Neuropsychology


BG Unfallbehandlungsstelle Berlin

Hildegardstraße 28
10715 Berlin

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