BG Hospital Tübingen

BG Hospital Tübingen

The BG Hospital Tübingen is one of the largest trauma centres in Germany. Initially designed as follow-up clinic, it has been working closely with the neighbouring Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and its university hospital. In 1987, the collaboration became contractual: within the scope of the “Tübinger Modell”, the clinic takes care of the treatment of patients, as well as of research and teaching in the fields of trauma, hand, plastic and burn surgery. In 2006, this very successful model was expanded to the fields of oral, jaw and facial surgery, which have since been integrated into the BG hospital.

The Siegfried Weller Institute for Traumatological Surgery at the BG hospital Tübingen works on a wide range of innovative projects. The work done by interdisciplinary teams  focuses on bone metabolism diseases and stem cell research.

Specific Performance Characteristics

  • Supraregional Trauma Centre in the Certified “Trauma Netzwerk Südwürttemberg”
  • Certified Study Site of the Consortium “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Ostheosynthesefragen”
  •  Head-Throat-Tumor Centre with Recommendation of the German Cancer Society
  • Severe Burn Injury Centre
  • Paraplegic Treatment Centre
  • Hand, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Centre
  • Separate Research Laboratory


BG Klinik Tübingen

Schnarrenbergstraße 95
72076 Tübingen

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