BG Hospital Hamburg

BG Hospital Hamburg

Since 1959, the BG Hospital Hamburg has provided cutting-edge medicine in North Germany. As a supraregional trauma treatment centre with nine specialty departments, it provides severely injured patients with quality treatment in acute care, initial rehabilitation and outpatient treatment. The departmental specializations include the centre for severe burn casualties, the neurotrauma centre, the division for septic trauma surgery, the centre for rehabilitation medicine and Germany’s largest paraplegic centre.

Patients of all health insurances receive comprehensive care with the objective of full rehabilitation to professional and everyday life. More than 2 400 employees from various disciplines work together at the facilities in Hamburg, St. Peter-Ording and in external divisions in northern Germany, guaranteeing outstanding medical care. Annually, approximately 23 000 patients receive outpatient, and 10 000 inpatient treatment – almost 1000 of these in stationary follow-up treatment.

Specific Performance Characteristics

  • One of the Largest Paraplegic Centres in Germany
  • One of the Latest and Largest Severe Burn Injury Units in Germany
  • Certified Supraregional Trauma Centre
  • Sports-Expertise Network Supporting Professional Athletes (Performance Diagnostics) in North Germany
  • SGB-VII Departments in North German Clinics of Maximum Care


BG Hospital Hamburg

Bergedorfer Straße 10
21033 Hamburg

  +49 40 7306-0