BG Hospital Frankfurt am Main

BG Hospital Frankfurt am Main

The BG Hospital Frankfurt am Main is a supraregional trauma centre for accident surgery in the Rhine-Main area. With eleven specialization departments and several outpatients departments, it cares for more than 10 000 inpatients and 55 000 outpatients annually. The unit has over 348 beds. With approximately 5 000 operations every year, the emergency care center of the BG Hospital Frankfurt am Main is one of the biggest in the federal state of Hesse. The clinic is part of the trauma network “Hessen Süd” and home to the rescue helicopter Christoph 2.

Highly qualified physicians, caregivers and therapists ensure best care for trauma patients. They are on call 24-hours a day to provide the highest level of treatment to all patients, regardless of insurance status. The clinic specializes in accident surgery, orthopedic surgery, spinal cord injury, spinal surgery, sports orthopedics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as hand and foot surgery. It also has a department for septic surgery and a centre for spine surgery and neurotrauma. The overall field is supplemented by inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

Specific Performance Characteristics

  • Supraregional Trauma Centre in the “Trauma Netzwerk Hessen Süd”
  • Location of the Rescue Helicopter Christoph 2 and the Emergency Doctor`s Vehicle (NEF 1)
  • Medical Expertise Centre for Spinal Surgery, Sports Orthopedics, Foot Surgery, Septic Surgery, Hand Surgery and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Medical Treatment Centre (MAIN.BGMED MVZ) and Outpatient Rehabilitation and Fitness Centre for Patients of all Health Insurances


BG Unfallklinik Frankfurt am Main

Friedberger Landstraße 430
60389 Frankfurt am Main

  069 475-0