Comprehensive Care

Treatment Centre for Spinal Cord Injuries

Comprehensive Care

The Treatment Centre for Spinal Cord Injuries cares for patients with paralysis, be it due to accents, congenital malformations or tumours and infections of the vertebrae. Whatever the cause of the damage to the spinal cord, we work with all the most cutting-edge methods in spinal cord surgery to discharge neuronal structures and stabilise the spine.

After the surgical care of paraplegia in all its segments, mobilizing treatment starts right away in the intensive care ward. Special weight bearing techniques in bed not only improve breathing, they also prevent pain and bedsores. While the patients are in hospital, they are given all the necessary and individualized resources they need.  Personal wheelchair training prepares patients for life outside. We work closely with the urology and neuro-urology clinic in treating paralysed bladders resulting from paraplegia.

 Treatment Options

Tetraplegics can improve their grip functions by surgical means performed by a reconstructive surgical team specialising in plexus palsy, tetraplegia and cerebral palsy.

For spasticity that cannot be fully controlled with medication, we provide intrathecal medical pump implantation.

As an alternative to invasive ventilation, it is possible to implant a diaphragmic pacemaker (phrenicus stimulator).

Despite all the preventative measures and care taken, typical complications such as bedsores, spinal misalignments, blistering in the spinal cord (syringomyelia), joint contractures, intractable spinal spasticity or pain can occur. Our years of experience in this area has help us specialise in treating paraplegics and the issues they present, providing thorough diagnostic investigation, consultation and the appropriate therapy.

The doctors in the treatment centre have a lot of experience in the conservative and surgical treatment of bedsores (decubilulcera) in paraplegic patients, and they can make use of a wide repertory of well-established skin flap techniques. 

We also work closely with the Brandenburg Paraplegia Centre (Brandenburger Querschnittgelähmtenzentrum der Rehabilitationsklinik  Beelitz Heilstätten) to provide patients who were not paralysed in a work or commuting accident continued rehabilitation.

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Treatment Centre for Spinal Cord Injuries

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