Treatment Centre for Spinal Cord Injuries

Life-long Care of Patients and their Families

An important aspect of the care provided by the Treatment Centre consists in our regular seminars. Patients and their families receive information on and support in dealing with their new situation, helping them avoid or minimize any physical, psychological and social complications arising from their illness or injuries. To improve their social and work life, we develop personalised reintegration plans, including visiting potential workplaces and apartments. For better mobility, patients can also go to a special driving school for the disabled.

In order to identify paralysis-related complication, we are available for “life-long after-care” in our outpatient clinic. The outpatient clinic of the Treatment Centre for Spinal Cord Injuries at the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin is located in Building J, Level 1. We ask you to call first to make an appointment. It is important to have a referral from a physician in surgery, orthopedics, general practice, neurology or neurosurgery.

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Treatment Centre for Spinal Cord Injuries

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