Institute for Telemedicine

Institute for Telemedicine

The Institute for Telemedicine coordinates the telemedical services of the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin. Dr. Stephan Kinze and Dr. Christian Madeja and their team supervise teleradiological and teleneurological partners, agree on interdisciplinary collaboration of the departments and develop new treatment concepts for patients. 

Scope of Services:


Teleradiology encompasses the complete digital image scanning in all the affiliated hospitals. Registering the X-Rays, ensuring that they are warranted, examining and recording the findings are all part of the work done by the radiologists at the ukb, the MRI technologist and clinical colleagues and in accordance with X-Ray regulations at all the affiliated hospitals. At weekly intervals, a “quality circle” discusses diagnostic strategies and radiological findings. Radioscopies are examined by the radiologists present, who discuss complex matters in CT.

Having sufficient bandwidth with which to transfer images and performance data is an essential pillar of their work. At least 10 MG are needed, and if necessary radio relay links help them exceed this limit. 

The staff is always available and provides fast results, even outside office hours, guaranteeing the best continuous patient care in the hospitals. They have often extended their work to other clinical disciplines. It does happen that some questions arise needing a specialist answer. In cases where a specialist is not available on-site, teleconsultations with ukb clinical colleagues can be set up and the transmitted images, e.g. for neurosurgical problems, read by doctors elsewhere


We have a teleneurological network with 5 clinics in Brandenburg, as well as counselling services on site, working with Sana Clinics Berlin-Brandenburg. We provide:

  • 24/7 telephoning counselling for strokes 
  • Training for teams from the stroke wards
  • Work shadowing in the supraregional Stroke Unit that is on call 24 hours a day

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Institute for Telemedicine

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  Director of the institute

Dr. med. Christian Madeja


  Director of the institute

Dr. med. Stephan Kinze