Institute for Laboratory Medicine

Institute for Laboratory Medicine

The Institute for Laboratory Medicine provides laboratory diagnoses and transfusion medical care at the ukb around the clock (24/7).

Their services focus on clinical issues and such special features at the ukb as maximum care trauma surgery and includes the areas of clinical chemistry, hematology, hemostasis, immune hematology & blood bank, CSF and Infectious Diseases. All of which is complemented by examinations methods form microbiology.

In addition to extensive analytical services (“blood coagulation counselling”), the Institute ensures patients proper counselling and coordinates external microbiological counselling service (“microbiological visits”). If needed, selected external laboratories support the diagnoses made by the ukb Institute.

  Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

Institute for Laboratory Medicine

Warener Str. 7
12683 Berlin

  Director of the institute

Lecturer Dr. med. Berthold Hoppe

  030/5681-4260   030/5681-4253

  Deputy Director of the institute

Dr. med. Guido Heymann

  030/5681-4254   030/5681-4253