OR and Wards

Clinic for Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics

OR and Wards

Over 3 800 reconstructive surgeries are performed in the trauma surgery and orthopedics clinic annually.

Operations for fractured bones are done with the most cutting-age implants (intramedullary nails, plates, cannulated screws, internal and external fixators) using the most minimally invasive technology. 

Our spine and pelvis trauma and reconstructive surgery is a particularly sophisticated facet of our surgical spectrum. We also surgically treat injuries to the chest and stomach areas.

Continuous treatment takes place on four wards.

 Interdisciplinary Intensive Care Unit

The interdisciplinary intensive care unit D0 is a self-contained department within the trauma surgery and orthopedics clinic, where intensive care patients of all our hospital’s specialist departments are treated. The D0 ward has 19 intensive care beds, as well as the most cutting-edge equipment, which is regularly brought up-to-date to meet the latest technological developments.

All the patients’ data – monitoring and breathing levels as well as diagnostic lab results and X-Rays – are processed using a state-of-the-art patient data monitoring system (PDMS) and then transmitted onto a digital medical file, making the patient’s entire data available in all places at all times.

We guarantee that a doctor be on the ward according to the specialist requirements and the number of patients in intensive care. The three shift system is supervised at all times by a senior physician.

In the event of a disaster situation, emergency beds from the centre for critical burn injuries can provide up to 27 extra beds thanks to its immediate proximity to the ICU.

 Bone and Joint Infection, Infected Joint Endoprosthesis

We also specialize in treating persistent bone, joint and soft tissue infections. This includes medullary reaming, excising inflamed bone and soft tissue segments, revising planned operations, local and free flap surgery to cover defects and split or full skin grafts, as well as reconstructing and correcting bone defects.

In the B2 Septic Ward there are 36 beds for patients with these complaints. As in all other clinics in the Hospital Group, complex operations are performed to relieve and clean infections and to restore function to the extremities and affected joints. Temporarily shortened extremities can then be treated with various fixator systems (e.g. Ilisarow) to restore their proper length. The clinic doctors work closely with their colleagues from the areas of microbiology, hand surgery and plastic surgery.

Patients with infected joint endoprostheses or with problem germs are treated here. Single rooms with separate bathrooms provide patients the chance of staying in isolation with an acceptable degree of comfort. The ward’s nursing staff is especially trained in this area.

Outpatient follow-up is carried out in an osteomyelitis surgery hour.

 Day Surgery

In the newly built clinic extension of the ukb (House K), surgeries such as arthroscopy and metal plate and screw removal can be performed in four state-of-the-art operating rooms.

Patients come to the operating area on their own. After the operation, they are monitored in the recovery room, where the bandages are checked, the effects of the anaesthetic wear off and an effective pain therapy is implemented. After a few hours ensuring their healthy recovery, the patient can leave the clinic.

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Clinic for Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedics

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