Centre for Specialised Rehabilitative Medicine

Clinic for integrative rehabilitation

The Centre for Specialised Rehabilitative Medicine provides the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin a unique rehabilitation service for patients insured by the Employers Accident Insurance Association.

Treatment focuses on: 

  • Hand injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Prosthetics
  • Chronic pain

A significant component of day-care treatment consists in maximum treatment quality with the help of intensive supervision from specialised physicians and therapists.

The goals of treatment are 

  • The best possible specialised care of long-term complaints and injuries
  • To optimise the healing process
  • To reduce patient unfitness for work
  • Professional and social reintegration

Every patient receives an individual therapy program after careful interdisciplinary analysis and consultation.

  Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

Clinic for integrative rehabilitation

Warener Str. 7
12683 Berlin

  Chief physician

Dr. med. Andreas Dietrich

  030/5681-3902   030/5681-3403 andreas.dietrich@ukb.de