Centre for Day Surgery

Centre for Day Surgery

The Centre for Day Surgery at the ukb performs surgery using the most cutting-edge anaesthetic methods and adheres to the highest security standards for outpatient operations from various disciplines. In Wing K, there are four ORs with 16 recovery beds. The proximity to the ukb allows the team to work closely and seamlessly with the surgical departments located there.

We have an experienced team made up of physicians and OR and anaesthesia nurses to look after our patients. We aim to provide our patients with cutting-edge pain therapy before, during and after the operation ensuring as tranquil and painless a stay as possible.

  Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

Centre for Day Surgery

Warener Str. 7
12683 Berlin

  Head of Centre for Day Surgery

Jörg Karst

  030/5681-2170   030/5681-3107 jörg.karst@ukb.de