Centre for Clinical Research

Centre for Clinical Research

The Centre for Clinical Research (CCR) is the central, interdisciplinary unit for science and research at the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin. It takes care of the planning, direction and evaluation of research projects as wells as their administrative and legal consultation and supervision. Their range of topics is supervised by our experienced employees (with diplomas in economics and the humanities) and assessors.

An M.Sc. student in nursing, a graduate psychologist, two biostatisticians and a study nurse all work in the field of research itself (especially for individual research projects as well as project initiation and execution).

Colleagues interested in scholarship can do research rotations.

The Centre for Clinical Research also specialises in methodological consultation, provided by Prof. Dirk Stengel and his colleagues in Medical Research.

Scope of Services:



 Research at the ukb

The CCR supervises over 50 national and international research projects conducted in the clinics at the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin. The CCR is involved in the following research projects:

 Legal Examination / Data Protection
  • Drafting and negotiating research and development contracts with universities and funding bodies from other research institutes, as well as with national and international pharmaceutical industries conducting medical research.
  • Legal counsel on permissible collaboration of healthcare professionals with third parties, and examination of sponsorship and donations.
  • Data protection legal counsel in writing study documentation.
 Methodological Consultation
  • Methodological consultation for developers, researchers and scientists from the academic environment or industry on questions about planning, executing, evaluating and reporting clinical tests.
  • Creating systematic reviews, meta-analyses and health technology assessments. Consulting different health care stakeholders on the cascade benefits and innovation potential of new interventions.
 Administration of External Funds

    • Initiation, Origination, contracts, financial and administrative supervision of research projects.

  • Review, approval and accounting of business trips using third-party or external partner funding, ensuring the adherence to compliance guidelines.
  • Compliance check of sponsorship, consulting or advisory contracts, donations and research collaborations with industry.

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Centre for Medical Research (CMR)

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  Medical Director

Dr. med. Kristina Zappel, MBA

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