Central Pharmacy

Central Pharmacy

The staff from the in-house central pharmacy provides the medication for all patients admitted to the hospital. Ordering, prescribing and documenting medication is all done electronically. This makes it possible to check the medication’s side-effects and reactions, as well as what the optimal dosage is. This cutting-edge concept significantly contributes to improving drug safety for the patients.

The selection of available medication in the hospital is stipulated by the hospital’s own drug commission and adds up at this time to about 1000 finished medicinal products. In addition, we have our own preparations, 50 of which were developed in our ukb pharmacy because they were not available on the open market. 

The Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin pharmacy also supplies other hospitals with medications, diagnostic medical devices, diet products, disinfectants, suture materials and special medical products. The supply order covers 6 hospitals with approximately 1600 beds in total. 

Next to its medical and nursing services, the Central Pharmacy in the ukb in one of the hospital’s mainstays.

  Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

Central Pharmacy

Warener Str. 7
12683 Berlin

  Chief pharmacist

Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Brüggmann

  030/5681-4151   030/5681-4153 joerg.brueggmann@ukb.de