Emergency Room

Emergency Room

The emergency room is not only the organisational centre of the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin – with 37 treatment rooms over 1600 square meters, it is also one of the most state-of-the-art emergency rooms in Germany. Doctors from different disciplines, nurses trained in emergency care and other medical assistants respond to emergencies in the Berlin area around the clock.

An open, clearly arranged space allows the medical staff to monitor all patients at all times, also simplifying any interdisciplinary treatment that may be required. Right next to the treatment rooms there is a spiral CT scan and several operating rooms. The trauma room was designed according to ATLS standards, a worldwide training concept for priority-oriented trauma management, its 156 square meters providing sufficient room to treat four critically injured patients at the same time.

All the disciplines involved work together hand in hand. The cardiac catheter and burn treatment teams as well as specialists from the Stroke Unit are also permanently on-call. Treatment and admissions processes in the triage system create an ideal workflow and maximum security for patients and staff.

 Emergency Room Facilities
  • 37 treatment rooms, including 18 monitoring rooms in an open plan structure
  • trauma room for 4 simultaneous treatments on 156m²
  • spacious waiting room with 60 seats, as well as a waiting room with 6 beds
  • 2 operating rooms (septic and anti-septic OR), 2 isolation rooms, a large plaster room, ENT function testing room, oral and maxillofacial surgery, sonography, CT, X-ray
  • separating curtains to safeguard privacy
  • bright, modern atmosphere
  • trauma room equipped with ceiling and supply panels (so-called energy-lights: no tripping hazards, reduced germ load), with monitoring, respirators, infusion technology, a digital unit to show and analyse external images, X-rays, etc.
  • supply room fitted according to the ABC principle (ATLS standard) – supply room for pediatric emergencies – all supplies arranged according to age/size of the child.
  • Doctors from different disciplines are on location
  • Emergentology nursing and other medical assistant and administrative staff provide essential support
  • Care providers for patients and family members
 Core Services
  • 24 h OR (all surgical disciplines)
  • 24 h cardiac catheter and cardiology intensive monitoring
  • 24 h burn injury care
  • 24 h Stroke Unit
  • 24 h spinal cord injury care
  • 2 helicopter landing places

The Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin reopened its emergency room in May 2013, since the original space, conceived for 13 500 emergency units, had dramatically surpassed its patient capacity thanks to a significant increase in registrations.

In 2008, more than 55.000 patients registered in the emergency room, be it by themselves or coming in by ambulance or helicopter. The ukb board of directors and the Hospital Group representatives from the board of trustees therefore decided to completely expand and restructure the space. It was a particular challenge for the doctors, nurses and administrative staff to continue to work normally while the emergency room was being reconstructed, since 24 hours admissions still had to be guaranteed. 

The area covers over 746.000 residents regionally and even up to 7.600.000 residents beyond. 


Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

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Emergency Room
  Emergency: 030/5681-2323

  Medical Head of Department - emergency room

Michael Kähler

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  030/5681-0 michael.kaehler@ukb.de

  Nursing Head of Department - emergency room

Stefan Wollschläger

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  030/5681-2323 stefan.wollschlaeger@ukb.de