Training in Technical Assistance

Training in Technical Assistance (Ausbildung Operationstechnische Assistenz (OTA))

The Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin is a state-of-the-art clinical centre which sets the standard in Europe for rescue and rehabilitation of the severely injured and the care of the critically ill. The latest technology, superior working conditions and innovative treatment methods contribute to guaranteeing patients the best possible care. Our services are second to none thanks to the highly trained staff who work with the best methods and technology available. An important component of this interdisciplinary collaboration is the support we get from technical operating assistants. This is why the ukb is dedicated to training its staff in this area.

Operational Areas and Tasks:

Technical operating assistants are involved in almost all surgical departments. Their tasks include caring for patients in a professional manner before, during and after surgical procedures. They are responsible for complying with and monitoring hygiene and medical documentation. Technical operating assistants are also responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the OR. They assist in surgical procedures and are an essential part of the surgical team. 



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