The Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin employs about 700 nurses who have completed at least three years of formal training. We plan our nursing services with great care, based on the latest scientific findings in nursing, and if possible, with you, the patient.

The nursing staff at the ukb understands and empathises with your situation. Ask us your questions and share your concerns and needs with us. Our goal is that you should feel safe and sound with us and that your needs are met.

  Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

Nursing Directorate

Warener Str. 7
12683 Berlin

  Nursing Director

Rainer Manske

  030/5681-2000   030/5681-2003

  Deputy Director of Nursing

Anja Demmrich

  030/5681-2010   030/5681-2003

  Deputy Director of Nursing

Sven Fritzsche

  030/5681-2007   030/5681-2003